18 June 2022

Version 22.4 Release Notes

  • Improvements To Select Uploaded Image Window When Editing a Question 
  • Add Bank Search: Active and Inactive 
  • Add Bank Status: Active and Inactive  
  • Reports: Show the Number of Questions in The Form (per GAC & per Competency) 
  • Add "Jump to Question" for Comments on The Bank View > Comments Panel 
  • Candidate Comments Link: Create an Icon on the Left Side Instead in the Workshop Pages 
  • Improve & Integrate New Programs Tool 
  • Introduce Periods for Gradebooks 
  • Auto-Select Framework When Adding Competencies to a Document 
  • Add Trash Icon to All Competency Levels in the Competencies Panel of the Document 
  • Set The Portal Print Defaults to Match the Default Print Settings on The Admin Screen 
  • Implement Second Iteration of Standards Framework Content Edit Features for Courses II 
  • Allow One Person to Register Multiple People with a Single Payment 
  • Generate Email Address Field Value for New Contacts Without Email 
  • Logbooks User Interface Improvements 
  • Implement: Snapshot feature for Admin/Registrations/Classes/Search 
  • Add “Occupation Profile” as Option Under the Relationships Panel 
  • Improve & Integrate New Programs Tool 
  • Expand the Download Section by Default 
  • Add Bank Status: Active & Inactive 
  • Improvements to Select Uploaded Image Window When Editing a Question 
  • Implement Triggers to Assign Users to Specific Groups Based on Trigger Criteria 
  • Region & Registrations (Add Region to Search Criteria) 
  • Automate the Assignment of Members to Students & Apprentice’s Groups 
  • Change Shipping Location and/or Physical Location of Exam 
  • Learning Centre Student-Body Report 
  • Summary Class Lists Report