December 16, 2022

Version 22.8 Release Notes

  • Class Now Displayed on the Class Registration List Until the End of the Registration Deadline Date and Time
  • UI Improvements for Ui/Admin/Events/Exams/Search
  • Improvements to Download Panel
  • Implemented Bracketed Percentage Prerequisite in Courses v2
  • Blockchain Transaction Coordinator
  • Upgrade Search Pages to Bootstrap 5
  • Implemented Improvements to Assessments 
  • Integrate Into the Course Outline Page a New Feature to Upload a Microsoft Word Document and Convert to Markdown, Using Pandoc 
  • Move Access Granted to Person Table so Granting Access to One Org Doesn't do Same to Another Org
  • Fix Indexing Issues On www.Shiftiq.Com Website
  • Improvements to Blockchain Implementation
  • Hide Global Admin Contact Records From Tenant Contact Toolkits
  • Implement Improvements to 'Edit Progress' Function in Gradebooks
  • Enable & Enforce Module-Level & Unit-Level Prerequisites in the Portal UI
  • Upgrade Portal/Attempts UI From Bootstrap V3 To V5
  • Add Google Map Support for Admin/Contacts/People/Report Page
  • Improvements to Timeline Engine for Contacts
  • Improvements in Assigning Gradebook Periods
  • Replace Tenant with Organization
  • Implement Ability to Search For Users in a Gradebook
  • Implement Logbook Notifications
  • Modify the Code so That all Alert Messages are Sent Using Mailgun Rather Than Smartermail
  • Improvements for Student Grades Report - Add Learning Mastery (Outcomes) Area
  • Add Possibility to Save/Upload Conditions for Reports
  • Began Implementation of Micro-Credentials and My Dashboard
  • Rename Resources Labels into Achievements On Customer Screens