May 05, 2023

Version 23.3 Release Notes

  • Improve Assessments In Courses V2 When Multiple Attempts Are Allowed
  • Fix Modify/Created Dates In Job Opportunities
  • Hide Option To Delete Question Versions
  • Upgrade Admin Forms To Bootstrap 5
  • Fix Event Link On /Ui/Admin/Events/Registrations/Search
  • Fix Date Selector Not Clearing When Removing Date
  • Fix Jobs/Candidates/Search Screen
  • Implement Improvements To The New API Endpoint For Microsoft CRM
  • Add Person Code And Email To Downloads Tab
  • Implement Support For A More Robust Version Numbering Convention
  • Hide The Option To Open SCORM Content In An Embedded Frame
  • Improve Multiple Language Support For Document And Video Activities Inside Courses
  • Improve The Address Panel On The Edit Person Form
  • Employers Status As At Time When The Credential Was Granted In Achievement Report
  • Add Categories To Class Registrations
  • Additional Search Criteria In Class Registrations
  • Improve Download Button For Survey Feedback
  • Remove "New" Button From The UI For Courses V1
  • Remove Course V1 Test Drives From Shift iQ
  • Display All Achievements In Courses, Not Just Ones With A Certificate Layout
  • Implement Solution For Embedded Camera Access Directly Through Toolkits
  • Improvements And Fixes To My Dashboard
  • Improve Assessment Question Delete Page
  • Add Key Settings To Create New Survey Form
  • Track Who Did The Registration For An Event/Class
  • Improvements To Registrations In Events
  • Hide Period Filter Dropdown If Hide Period Is Checked
  • Implement Ui/Portal/Attempts/Search