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Our company offers compelling opportunities for those looking to invest in the burgeoning SaaS market with a partner whose values and vision align with sustained growth and innovation.

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Aligned for Success

Our strategy ensures that every aspect of our business, from product development to customer success, is synchronized with current market demands and future trends. This foresight has allowed us to develop SaaS solutions that are not only relevant today but will remain competitive in the years to come.

Prudent Capital Management

We have a proven track record of effective cash flow management and pro-active investment in growth opportunities. Our financial discipline ensures not only the sustainability of our business model but also the maximization of investor returns.

Efficient and Scalable Operations

We pride ourselves on operational excellence. Our Agile and XP models ensure efficient resource management and rapid scalability. This operational efficiency is reflected in our robust profit margins and consistent revenue growth, making us an attractive prospect for investment.


We believe that a strong corporate culture is the bedrock of success. Our culture is built on innovation and inclusivity. We foster an environment where talent thrives, ideas flourish, and the highest standards of ethics and corporate governance are upheld.

Experienced Leadership

Our leadership team brings together decades of experience in technology, business strategy, and SaaS market dynamics. Our leaders are visionaries who have successfully navigated the company through various market cycles, consistently delivering growth and stability.

Our Focus

We’re focused on the future of education technology and workforce innovation.

Our award-winning platforms stand at the intersection of technology and education, revolutionizing how skills are learned, assessed, and applied. We invite you to join us in this journey. Schedule a meeting, visit any of our platforms, or dive into our detailed investment materials to explore our opportunities.

We're making a difference.

Area of Focus

Matching skills to career and training opportunities

Shift iQ is redefining educational paradigms by concentrating on practical skills-based assessments that help people understand and match their abilities to career and training opportunities. We develop education technologies for real-world applications, ensuring people not only understand theoretical concepts but are also proficient in applying them.

Area of Focus

Delivering skills-based assessments

Our innovative assessment tools are the cornerstone of our platforms, providing precise measurements of skill acquisition, progress, and demonstrated knowledge. These tools, equipped with AI-driven analytics and content, offer personalized feedback, enabling learners to identify job match opportunities and where areas of improvement are needed.

Area of Focus

Leading the way in microcredentials

In today's dynamic job market, microcredentials are invaluable. They serve as tangible proof of skill mastery, recognized by leading companies, community colleges and training organizations. This recognition significantly bolsters employability, with microcredential holders reporting enhanced career mobility and opportunities.

Area of Focus

Leveraging AI for job matching

Our cutting-edge job matching technology and embedded AI connects people with highly aligned job opportunities. By analyzing skill sets, assessments and learning/employment records and matching them with industry needs, our technology facilitates successful placements for high-demand sectors.

Area of Focus

Market Potential and Growth

The EdTech and workforce innovation market is burgeoning, and SHift iQ is poised at its forefront. With a projected annual growth rate of 15%, we plan to expand into new markets and continuously innovate our platforms to meet evolving educational needs.

Alan Roberts, CEO, InSite Systems and Co-Founder of Shift iQ, SkillsCheck and Skills Passport

Alan Roberts

CEO, InSite Information Systems

At InSite, we're not just participating in the evolution of SaaS solutions; we're leading it. Our journey is fueled by a passion to design, develop, and commercialize SaaS solutions that meet the current needs of our customers and anticipate future challenges and opportunities.


Understanding our markets

Our approach begins with identifying emerging trends, understanding pain points, and foreseeing future demands. Market insight is crucial in shaping our product development strategy, ensuring that our SaaS solutions are not just relevant, but revolutionary.


Designing with purpose

We prioritize user experience and creativity ensuring our software is intuitive and accessible. Our design philosophy revolves around simplicity and efficiency, stripping away unnecessary complexity to deliver SaaS solutions that are user-friendly yet powerful.


Bringing ideas to life

Our team of skilled developers employ the latest technologies and agile methodologies to build robust and scalable SaaS solutions. We focus on modular designs, enabling us to quickly adapt and upgrade our software in response to evolving business needs.


Bringing solutions to market

Our journey doesn't end with development. The commercialization of our SaaS solutions is where we see the fruits of our labor. We deploy proven go-to-market strategies and build strong partnerships to ensure that our products don’t just reach the market but lead it.


Continuous Improvement

Our product development cycle is continuous, and we are always gathering feedback, monitoring performance, and iterating our solutions. Our commitment to ongoing enhancement means our customers always have access to the most advanced tools in the market.

Looking to invest in the burgeoning SaaS market with a partner whose values and vision align with sustained growth and innovation? Let's talk.
2023 Top Assessment Platform Award
2023 Watchlist Wordpress Assessment Evaluation
We are pleased to announce Shift iQ is listed as one of the top assessment and evaluation providers for 2023!